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 Providenciales Airport (code PLS)

There is easy access to Providenciales (Provo) directly from a number of east coast US airports as well as Toronto Canada. Provo is also a popular destination for private jets and in fact the Island airport handled more business jet traffic on December 28, 2010 than any other airport in the word on that day.  Regular non stop Airline flights are available directly from :

  • Miami FL

  • Atlanta GA

  • Raleigh NC

  • Boston MA

  • New York City NY

  • Pittsburgh PA

  • Philadelphia PA

  • Toronto Ontario


The flights  change seasonally so it is recommend to check  flight schedules for your time of year.

Car rental

It is highly recommended that you have a car during any villa rental. There are several car rental agencies - some of these are listed below- you should book along with your flight as during peak times of the years rentals are hard to find. When you rent, ask if the car will be at the airport or if you will need to go on a shuttle bus

We have a special discount program with Grace Bay car rental. If you book with us we will provide the discount code


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