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We recommend a car if you stay at the Villa but Taxi service is available if you prefer. With a car, the following are typical transit times. There are a number of car rental agencies available

  •   Turtle Cove    7-10 Min                                                                

  •   Grace Bay  10-12 min

  •   Airport  15 min

  •   Chalk Sound 30 min 

  •   Golf Course 15-20 min 

  •   IGA food store 5 min



There are usually no biting insects out during the day at the Villa, however, as is the case  across the Island, they will appear at sundown to various degrees dependent on wind and past rainfall. Mosquitoes are particularly noticeable in the low lying Grace Bay areas, the Chalk Sound Area and the Salina’s that you pass while driving down Venetian road. When going out to a restaurant at night for dinner, long pants are recommended. A few days after heavy rain the insects are the worst and will often be noticeable while in the wooded areas during the day. We try to keep mosquito repellent at the Villa but you should bring a can with you- you can purchase it at IGA. We also spray the grounds around the villa after heavy rains with environment friendly spray


Water Hazard

As with all Villas and resorts in the Turks and Caicos, the pool is not fenced in. Those with small children should be aware of this. Villa Roi Soleil has a small shallow pool  with waterfall adjacent to the large pool for children to play in if so desired. If you prefer a Villa without a pool for safety reasons, there are a few on the Island.

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