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Villa Roi Soleil is equipped with the amenities typically found in a upscale resort as well as some things that resorts don’t even have. We believe that you will find the Villa Roi Soleil is better equipped than most Villa’s on the island.  Here is a quick summary-




Despite the fact that the Turks and Caicos is a very low crime country, security is often on peoples mind, especially if they are not familiar with their  new destination. We take security seriously and as a result, the Villa is equipped with a state of the art security system that incorporates battery and diesel generator backup, multiple monitoring center communications links, a multitude of computer monitored cameras and advanced multi mode motions sensors. The Villa ground are automatically lit  at night  and all access points are electronically monitored and gated using digital locks. The Villa room doors  utilize per visit digital code dead bolts and each bedroom is equipped with private code personal safes.  Driveway access is via electric operated gates with a road call box.


Internet & WIFI


The Villa grounds are equipped with multiple WIFI access points to provide site wide Internet access, including the beach.




The villa grounds are automatically illuminated at sundown each day.

Backup Power


Its a fact of  life in the Caribbean, Electricity supply is rather unreliable for a number of reasons. Most commercial establishments and Condominium/Resort developments have backup generators to account for this problem. Villa Roi Soleil also  includes this feature. The Villa’s diesel generator is large enough to power the entire Villa at full electrical consumption and has enough fuel to run for several days, ensuring that power is maintained even in the event of extended outages due to hurricanes. You will not even know that there has been a power interruption on the Island.



Villa water is supplied by an on site storage tank that is refilled by either rain or delivery truck. This water is filtered and sterilized as it is being used . While the storage tank is large, we ask that attention be paid  so as not to leave the water running by accident.


Air conditioning

All bedrooms plus the entire guest house are equipped with air conditioning even though the ceiling fans are usually quite adequate to maintain a comfortable temperature. Due to abuse during some rentals and the high cost of electricity ($0.60 per KwH) we have a cap on free A/C usage. The free allowance is enough to cover usage in the bedrooms with the windows and doors closed. There is a readout in the kitchen that shows the consumption during your stay



Laundry room


The fully stocked Laundry room is located in a separate building on the ground.


Beach items

All beach items are on the beach ready to use you do not have to unpack or transport them. We ask that you please tie up the watercraft when done. There is snorkeling equipment stored in the laundry room.

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