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The Islands - a bit of information

If you have not been to the Turks and Caicos you will find that it is a bit different than the rest of the Caribbean.  It is physically smaller and has a  small population. It is also a lot cleaner than many of the Islands. Still, although small it has pretty well everything one would want for a luxury vacation.  One must first understand that the Turks and Caicos is not a bargain basement vacation spot – the people of the Island do not want it to become one. Its reputation as a safe, high end destination has been earned over a number years during which time it has been the vacation home of a number of famous people, including  past US Presidents, the Rockefellers, Bob Hope, Bruce Willis, Dick Clark and many other well known entertainers. The Island is clean and has a low population density, has a very low crime rate and has a pleasant local population. The beeches are pristine and are devoid of beach vendors that are a constant annoyance on most other Islands. One will undoubtedly notice that the accommodation costs on the Island are higher than most other Caribbean destinations but even so it is not at all uncommon to find that all condos and Villas are entirely booked. It is no secret that people are willing to pay a premium for a premium vacation destination but this does not mean that the Island is only for the elite. Vacations costs are in line with  other higher end accommodations found else where in the world and once you are on Island the costs to eat out and partake in Island activities  are quite reasonable.

In making your vacation selection, it is important to understand the reasons for differences in cost between various island locations and the Villas themselves. To help with this, this section of the web site provides some background about the various rental options on the main island of Providenciales where Villa Roi Soleil  is located.

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