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While it is uncommon in other parts of the world, many of the more elaborate Villas in the tropics and Caribbean are constructed as “Pods”. Basically the “Pod” designs are based on the use of stand alone structures, one per room or one per couple of rooms. The reasons for this are many but the main ones are that it provides better access to the cooling breeze that may be present at that particular location, better opportunities for views from windows in a particularly scenic location and that the separate buildings provide a higher degree of privacy should someone want it.

When we started looking for a property on Providenciales, all of the first properties that we toured were of the conventional single structure “house” design, one main structure with all rooms inside. When we toured Roi Soleil, it was the first “pod” style that we had ever seen. It was unusual and we commented that it was more like a resort than a house because of the multitude of separate structures. After that first encounter we did see additional properties that were of pod design and in general we found that the pod design appeared only in the larger and more expensive market segment.


There are far more “house” style properties in the Turks and Caicos than “pod” style due to the higher construction cost and custom architectural design required with the pod style. In all cases of the “pod” style properties, the architects have taken maximum advantage of the options created with the multiple separate structure style layout. In all cases the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Despite our unfamiliarity with the pod style layout and availability of many other more conventional beachfront “house” style properties we soon embraced the “pod” design and the property its self due to the unforgettable views that the design and location provided. We purchased Roi Soleil soon after seeing it and immediately thereafter commenced making it even better to what it is today.

The “Pod” style is not for everyone and is unfortunately very expensive to maintain and operate as compared to a regular all in one design, conventional house. Virtually everyone that has visited or stayed at the Villa Roi Soleil has been impressed by the design, layout and views, but for a very few the pod design is too big a departure from what they are used to. Basically, if you prefer to be in close proximity to everyone in your party all the time it may not be the villa for you and we suggest you find one of the suburb style houses, of which there are many on the island. You won’t find the same spectacular views and very few  have a private beach but the design will be familiar. In order to allow you to make an informed decision, we have included the Villa floor plan below. By looking at this diagram,  and aerial photo you will get a very good idea of the property layout. If there are any questions feel free to call or email us for further details.





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