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About the Villa

Villa Roi Soleil is a theme (Tuscan) architecturally designed property located on the south shore of Providenciales in a region called Turtle Tail. Turtle tail is well known for its views, quiet surroundings as well as having many very high value private properties located along its ocean shore. The beach on turtle tail is segmented, with some properties having various lengths of beach, ranging from 0 to over 200. At over 200 feet, Villa Roi Soleil, has one of the largest if not the largest beachfront in turtle tail.

The south side of Providences is protected from the north Atlantic waves found in the north side of the island. The ocean bottom is the start of the Caicos banks and are generally referred to as the "shallows". Indeed, the south side is very shallow in comparison to Grace bay. The ocean floors of the many Coves and Bays in this area are typically gently sloping from the shore line to about a steady 10 feet depth 3/4 miles from shore. Water is generally waist deep at about 100 feet from shore. The Turtle Tail area does not have an abrupt drop off as found in the Chalk Sound area, which has similar beach.

Unlike the Grace Bay or Long Bay, the Turtle Tail beach, like all south shore beaches is segmented and can only be accessed through private property.  As a result, all beach front is totally private, with no unexpected visitors. What you give up for a long stretch of beach is more than gained back  by the spectacular all day views and sunshine. Due to its orientation and location, you can see both sunrise and sunset from the pool deck. The location is particularly nice in the winter months where the temperatures can sometimes dip into the low 70's or even into the high 60's elsewhere on the island.

Turtle tail has no large developments with the result that there is little in the way of night light pollution. This makes for amazing nigh time views, of the mainly clear skies.

The Villa is an unusual design in that each room is a separate module with access only available through exterior doors. This design is not for everyone, but provides for unprecedented privacy and security. If you have small children this villa may not be the villa for  you as the doors to each room should be closed at night.

The villa is equipped with satellite TV, cell phone boosters (a must have in the turtle tail area) , multi point internet WiFi, full time automatic backup diesel generator (a must have in Provo especially during hurricanes), redundant water systems and full property lighting. The villa is also equipped with state of the art security systems - radar, IR, thermal imaging, door sensors as well as extensive exterior video surveillance. The property is gated both inside and outside the perimeter.Locking gates are located on the beach and road.

Villa Roi Soleil (Villa Sun King) is not your typical house on the beach. If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind Villa that combines old world architectural style, the privacy of individual suites, a large private beach and unforgettabe Villa with all the amenities and conveniences of a beach front resort, Villa Roi Soleil is an unbeatable choice.

Even as you approach the Villa grounds  you will immediately feel that this is someplace different. From the 300 foot long bright white gardened front wall to the electric operated gated driveway  and on to the cantilevered entrance way that overlooks the beach from 4 stories above the ocean, the Villa is a unique blend of old Tuscany inspired design, Caribbean simplicity and modern infrastructure. With spectacular ocean and beach views from almost all windows, a one of a kind infinity edge pool, spacious deck and all the amenities of a high end resort, once you arrive, you’ll find it difficult to leave and even harder to forget.  

The  architecturally designed Villa and grounds are a combination of old and new world that has been thoughtfully merged to provide an unforgettable Island experience.  The all day south shore sun is complimented by gentle trade wind breezes that provides day and night cooling.  Easy barefoot access to the white sand beach is made possible by hand cut stone walkways that are built in the old world fashion surround the Villa. Everything in character with its olds world roots but with 21st century convenience.


Once at the beach, over 200 feet of Villa beachfront provides ample room and privacy even with your large group . The long south shore beach and the large, calm bay provides a safe, private  and secure playground for young and old.

Since the Villa caters to families and groups of up to 10, the layout  has been optimized to provide maximum privacy through the use of a pod style design. Each bedroom is a separate entity as are the common kitchen/dining room and living rooms. Each bedroom is equipped with its own satellite TV and DVD, private extension number phone and wireless Internet. While this  expansive layout may not be  ideal for small children that are not comfortable with not having parents in the same or nearly the same room, the short distance between the closest bedrooms (about 20 feet) should be acceptable to most yet provides privacy for all.

In the spirit of the Turks and Caicos Islands where all of the restaurants have a large outdoor dining area owing to the very consistent weather, the Villa has both indoor and outdoor cooking and dining areas as well as a design focused on the always pleasant outdoors. The center piece of the Villa is a spectacular curved infinity edge pool looks out over the southern ocean horizon. The large, coral stone pool deck  sits 3 stories above the beach and connects the common areas. A gated wrap around staircase and gated flagstone walkway provides easy, barefoot access to the  Villa’s private 200+ foot sand beach where you will find umbrella’s, chairs and water craft. The elevated design of the Villa, sitting high on a ridge that rises from the ocean affords an unobstructed 180 degree view of the south sea from sunrise to sunset and ensures all day sun any time of the year. After sunset, the same vantage point provides light pollution free night sky views not seen in populated  areas elsewhere on the Island.

In all, Villa Roi Soliel owing to its design, elevated beachfront location, panoramic views of  the beach and beautiful surroundings  as well unique central location on a very private, quiet, calm and serene south shore beach is recognized as one of most unique of all the Villa’s in the Turks and Caicos. It is not the largest, highest nor is it the most expensive but the design, elevation, amazing views, constant cooling breeze and private beach front result in a combination that is breathtaking . It is truly one of a kind estate and has only been  duplicated  by only a very few others  elsewhere on the Island.



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