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A few Things to do  on the Island

Enjoying the Beach

As with all beaches in the TCI, the Bristol Hill beach is open to the public but unlike most other beaches on the Island, there is no public access point to the beach from the roads. As a result, the beach is private and only shared among the few other multimillion dollar Villas located  along its length. The entire 200 foot white sand beach front in front of the Villa  is part of the grounds which is conveniently equipped with Villa umbrellas , chairs and water craft.  The beach also has WIFI and telephone access for those who  are on a working holiday.


Using the  Villa kayaks you can venture out along the shoreline or go far into the bay and visit the small Islands. One of the Islands has small sand beaches  and the children should know  that there are old stories of treasure having being left by pirates on one of them-  no one has found it yet. For the less brave, there is also a paddle boat that can carry 3 to 4 people and can be used to cruise the calm waters of the bay.


The water in front of the Villa is both very calm and pleasantly shallow at  both high and low tide.   It is ideal for small children and has the advantage that the water is always comfortably warm.  Fish, turtles, star fish, conchs and other sea life are often seen in these waters.


The bay in front of the Villa and Flamingo lake on the north side of the road as one travels to the Villa  are well known by sports fishermen as excellent bone fishing locations.


Kite boarding and windsurfing

The bay  in front of the Villa is a well known kite boarding area and while well known it is not that popular because access is very limited and requires access through private property. In your case, it is in the front yard. Lessons and rental equipment are available on the Island.


The Night Sky

On the south side of the Island where the Villa is located there is no light pollution. On cloudless nights, the view of the sky is quite spectacular. Shooting stars  and the odd passing satellite  are clearly  visible.


Relax in a room with a view

While not on the beach, the screened gazebo provides panoramic beach views from 3 stories above the beach.


Please note that there are many other providers on Providenciales, most of whom may be found in the local telephone book. These below are the ones we generally use and like ourselves.



GroceryIGA Graceway Supermarket, Leeward Highway


LiquorIGA Supermarket or Wine Cellar, Leeward Highway

Pizza take out Pizza Pizza, Cinema Plaza, Leeward HighwayTel: (649) 232-1068


Hardware Do It Centre, Leeward Highway 

MedicalAssociated Medical Practices, Medical Building,Leeward Highway   Tel: (649) 946-4242

DentistMedical Building, Leeward highwayTel: (649) 946-4321

BookstoreUnicorn Books, Leeward Highway, by IGATel: (649) 941-5458  

Animal RescueTCSPCA, Susie Turn, Leeward HighwayTel: (649) 941-8846


Dive Companies located at or near the villa  -  South Side marina



Caicos Adventures(649) 941-3346



Provo Turtle Divers(649) 946-4232



Flamingo Divers(649) 946-4193




 Ocean Vibes(649) 331-1104




Horse back ocean tour

Provo Ponies 649-241-6350

Reef Tour

Underwater tours with submarine/boat










A few Restaurants and bars

The islands main industry is tourism and there are literally dozens of restaurants and bars to choose from. Most advertise in the various island magazine s(see links above), but here are just a few favorites:

 Bob's Bar, At South Side Marina. Situated up the driveway overlooking the marina.




 Da Conch Shack, Blue Hills Road. Very casual island style on beach Conch and seafood only. Recommended for lunch.(649) 649946-8877


Las Brisis restaurant - recommended during sunlight so to see chalk sound




 Mango Reef, Grace Bay. Resort poolside restaurant and bar. Best lunch menu on island.(649) 946-8200



 Coco Bistro, Grace Bay. Expensive, but for a great night out in a tropical garden setting, can’t be beaten.(649) 946-5369  





Sibonne (Bay Bistro), Grace Bay. Pleasant lunch time venue, excellent evening menu. Also serves excellent Breakfast with best view on island.(649) 946-5547



Caicos Cafe, Grace Bay. Recently changed ownership from French to Italian. Excellent menu, especially appetizers.

(649) 946-5278 


 Vino Tiempo, Grace Bay. Sophisticated, quiet and comfortable Wine bar. Light but delicious appetizers only.(649) 946-8466





Vix, Grace Bay. next door to Vino Tiempo. Interestingly different menu. Good for lunch or supper.

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