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Getting around 

The Island is small so there are not many main roads. Regardless of where you stay, a car is recommended unless you want to stay on the beach and at Villa for the entire visit. Unlike north America, cars drive on the LEFT side of the road and you may end up getting a rental car that has right or left hand drive. Generally the larger vehicles are left  hand driver side, the smaller ones are the correct  right hand driver side. In either case be very careful when entering a street or highway as it is easy to forget which direction or lane to go into.  Also remember to look the correct way when crossing a lane to enter  a side street.

There are scooter and motor cycle rentals but it is not a good idea to takes these on the main highway.

Some Villas in the Grace Bay area provide bicycles, which are fine for use around the Grace Bay tourist district but one is ill advised to venture onto the highways and streets outside this area with bicycles.  Bicycles DO NOT have the right of way and those hogging the road or slowing traffic do so at their own peril. 

There is no public transportation system but there are numerous Taxi’s. The Taxi ride can be expensive so plan ahead as a rental car may be a lower cost option if you want to travel every day. Some of  the companies that offer activities on the Island have shuttle buses so this is another area that you should research when making your travel arrangements. Email us if you need assistance in this area.

If you want a detailed printable detailed map, press the icon below . Map is courtesy of WHY WHEN HOW  magazine.

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