Turtle Tail
Turks and Caicos Islands

THE VILLA GROUNDS  - Infrastructure

Backup Power

Its a fact of  life in the Caribbean, Electricity supply is rather unreliable for a number of reasons. Most commercial establishments and Condominium/Resort developments have backup generators to account for this problem. Villa Roi Soleil also  includes this feature. The Villa’s diesel generator is large enough to power the entire Villa at full electrical consumption and has enough fuel to run for several days, ensuring that power is maintained even in the event of extended outages due to hurricanes. You will not even know that there has been a power interruption on the Island.


Villa water is supplied by an on site storage tank that is refilled by either rain or delivery truck. This water is filtered and sterilized as it is being used . While the storage tank is large, we ask that attention be paid  so as not to leave the water running by accident.

Air conditioning

All bedrooms plus the entire guest house are equipped with air conditioning even though the ceiling fans are usually quite adequate to maintain a comfortable temperature.  

Laundry room

The fully stocked Laundry room is located in a separate building on the grounds